Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Shriek Manor

My sister and her family go all out for Halloween. Over the years their display has continued to grow and grow and grow. It is now attracting alot of attention.

They now have a website dedicated to their Halloween display. Click here to visit Shriek Manor.

Click here to see the CBS website coverage. Scroll down to the section labelled Denver, Shriek Manor.

I made my geeky contribution to the season at work on Friday. I wrote a custom database exeption that logs the following whenever a data save fails -- "Uh oh! Something Scary Just Happened!" O.K. probably not descriptive enough to make it to the production version of the product - but it is fun for now.

In LaJolla Shores there is restaurant that rivals my sister's home. Wouldn't you like to be eating lunch with these guys looking on!?!

Ghouls of LaJolla Shores

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