Friday, October 26, 2007

2 Hamsters, a fish and tub of Haagen Das

Everyone in San Diego this week has a story to tell. The last few days - at Starbucks, at Denny's I have asked people, "Have you impacted by the fire?" Sharing our stories is an important part of the journey together.

Today, I eased into my work day. First, I spent some time talking to my colleagues and listening to their stories. Here is one evacuation story.

The knock on the door came at 6 am Monday morning telling them to evacuate. The family madly rushed and packed up and was ready to leave in 15 minutes. Even though there were three kids to wake up and get out the door, my friend took the time to ask her children what it was that was important to them and let them choose what to pack up and take. When they were ready to pull out of the driveway --- the mini-van packed with three kids, two hamsters and a fish – her oldest son very proudly proclaimed that he had brought along a tub of Haggen Das ice-cream!

If you had to leave on a moments notice and everything left behind will be lost – what would you take with you? After you know your loved ones are safe -- what would you go back for? You would be surprised when the time comes - how little in life is irreplaceable. On Monday, I helped several people load up their cars ready for evacuation. I carried boxes of family photos/videos, a favourite toy for the kids -- but not one TV or DVD player.

Events like Katrina or the California fires have a way of putting things into perspective.

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