Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fire Update

I found some nice digs for the day -- a local Starbucks with free WiFi AND air conditioning. There are about a dozen people that have been camped out with me here all day with their laptops working. One of my colleagues who had a house full of evacuees for the last 24 hours also swung by to visit and escape for a bit.

All day yesterday things were too chaotic for any "numbers" in the news reporting. The numbers are starting to roll in - and they are very sad. At noon 500,000 plus evacuated, more than 2,000 structures and 250,000 acres burnt. The fires still continue to rage out of control.

There is some good news. In some areas planes have been able to take off and start an arial attack. Also, a couple of previously evacuated areas are now being proclaimed safe and people are allowed to return.

Most non-essential services are all closed through the end of the week.

Picky and I continue for now to stay with a friend. The air quality here in PB is quite good - much better than to the north. Until we return home or the mandatory evacuation is cancelled for my place of work -- Starbucks is my internet service provider and office!

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