Saturday, October 20, 2007

Reading At The Beach

Happy Saturday!

I headed out this morning with great enthusiasm for a 2 or 3 hour bike ride and beach tour up the coast. I havent ridden for over a month ... well turns out that just riding up the hills to get out of my neighbourhood was all the challenge I could handle. I only made it as far the golf course before I turned around. Sigh.

Right now is a busy time for reading and studying. I am in the midst of another Spanish Class and also trying to ramp up on a new programming language and technology related to my recent job change. I decided to pack up my books and plunk myself down at the beach for an afternoon of reading and studying. I have found that studying doesn't seem as arduous when you do it at the beach!

Surf Or Swim?

I decided to take a break and walk into town. There is a restaurant that is all decked out for Halloween and I wanted to check it out. LaJolla Shores is also home to The Cheese Shop. In addition to being funky and having great sandwiches they sell Canadian Chocloate Bars!!! Sure they cost three times what you would pay for them in Canada. But, if you don't want to mail order a case at a time, the Cheese Shop is a pretty good option. Alas, by the time I took my break they were already closed for the day. On my way back to the beach I popped in the local market. Not sure why, it isn't like I was expecting they would have a stock of Canadian chocolate bars. Along the back wall were some fridges with a wide variety of drinks - so against all hope I decided to check it out for my ever elusive favourite drink. That brings me to the HIGHLIGHT of the day --- with great joy I discovered one really over priced bottle of - Sobe Zen Blend.

Walking Back Triumpant With My Zen Blend Drink

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