Monday, October 29, 2007

She found her RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is late and I was going to skip reading e-mail before bed. Scared I may find that my unread messages may now exceed 200.

One e-mail has a subject line of almost all exclamation marks - "She found her RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" caught my attention. Glad I stopped to read it. A good reminder at how a small gesture here or there, like hauling metal to the curb, can create ripples and trickle down and in such positive ways.

It can be discouraging sifting through the rubble. You can see it on the families faces. Having people join along side and sift with them helps raise their spirits. We were encouraged to intentionally celebrate each item we found. Hearing shouts of joy help include everyone around you in the celebration and provides motivation to keep looking.

Tonight I share with you this families' joy and ask you to celebrate with me!

October 29, 2007 09:50:21 PM PST from Phil

Hi Team
I received a call from Maureen, Jerry and Curly's daughter. Today the family went back to the site and continued sifting through more ash. They were able to sift areas that they hadn't before because of all the heavy debris removed from the property. Now that it was all gone, thanks to all of you, they found the Jerry's wedding ring!!!!!!!

Maureen said we were the first one she called. She said "if it weren't for the team they never would have found it." Her tears said more than the words. She wanted me to tell you all how grateful the family is for all the hard work and helping them
find this precious treasure.

Thank you Team.

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