Friday, October 26, 2007

Fire Monologue

I normally watch very little TV - but this week I have watched a mind numbing amount.

24x7 disaster coverage.

I miss the levity of my evening routine of watching Ellen’s monologue. I connect with her quirky observational humour. I found the monologues from the past few days online. They perfectly reflect both the events and my thoughts the last few days.

Monologue from The Ellen Degeneres Show
Wednesday October 23,2007

We are very fortunate people.

This is the grateful show.

There are fires from Malibu to San Diego and there are people evacuating and trying to find a safe place to stay right this minute. There are already over 1,500 homes that have been lost. My Dad and his wife and their cat are at our house because they live in San Diego and had to evacuate. The are now at our house.

This is horrible. They say it is the largest evacuation since Katrina.

I think I can speak for all of us. Our heart goes out to all of you out there who are going through this. Our prayers are with you.

I have been through this. I was in Ojai when there was a fire and we had to rush out. You are just grabbing things and it really puts things in perspective because you realize when you are trying to flee from a home and there are ashes falling and fire - you look around … and it is stuff, just stuff. I grabbed the animals and my mother grabbed the photographs. God forbid we loose those photos of me in the 80’s with the mullet. Get them Momma! Don’t loose the mullet!

It happens so fast – you just start throwing things in a bag. You are in the car later on going what did I grab and you have your National Geographic collection and some incense and a couple of hats and an orchid. You are like ... alright then?!?

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