Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Bike to Work

Today I made a dry run of riding my bicycle to work. I have been wanting to give this a try for a while - but was stalled on finding an appropriate route. The 'official' bike route requires hopping on the 5 freeway for 3/4 of a mile. I see people do it - but I find it bad enough riding in the traffic trying to get on the freeway. Nope, riding on the shoulder of the freeway is not an option. This week one of the guys at work suggested I check out the satellite view in Google Maps and try and find a dirt path or abandoned access road through the canyons. To my amazement I found an abandoned dirt access road right across the street from my church. I was scratching my head - it can't be there, I have never seen it. Well, guess what - it is hidden but it is there! Dirt roads here basically translate to sand traps. No way my nice light road bike with thin racing tires would be able to navigate the sand. That left me riding my old steel framed mountain bike. I get a work out just riding around the block on it.

It took me about an hour, but I made it!.

Standing in front of our offices - nope not going to go in and work!

Not only did I find the dirt access road, but I found a really nice abandoned paved road that is now a bike path. Combining the two I have a ride that managed to cut in half the miles I will have to spend in crazy city traffic.

Closed Road Becomes A Bike Route

Once I arrived I had a little picnic out back and re-charged for the return trip. They were painting the parking lot this weekend. So I had company. This guy was doing the taping. Super friendly and cheerful!

Parking Lot Painting

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