Monday, June 30, 2008

La Jolla Festival of the Arts

This weekend was the LaJolla Festival of The Arts. It was great fun roaming around and enjoying all the art work. There were a few really interesting photography exhibits. Some of travel photographs mounted on canvas were quite compelling. My favourite was the jewelry boxes from Tom Thorton Fine Art Woodworking. I was very tempted - and I don't even wear jewelry. Another fave was the Art of Chocolate exhibit. I had a pretty amazing handmade peanut butter cup!

I wasn't the only one enjoying The Art of Chocolate

There was a large section in the middle of the fair dedicated to sidewalk art. Young, old, free spirt and professional were all busy at work with their chalk making wild and wonderful creations.

Young and Old making sidewalk art

In the green/eco-friendly section they had an old Rolls Royce Woody that had been converted to run on electricity. Behind the gas cap was a place to plug in and charge.

'Electric' Rolls Royce Woody

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