Thursday, June 19, 2008

California Dreamin'

Most days I'd rather be at the beach...then tip tapping at the key board.

I saw this in a catologue the other day. I am thinking of upgrading my desktop Zen garden to a beach sandbox .

After work today ... I made the dream a reality. With my boogie board is tow - I stopped at the beach and played in the ocean. The surf looked small - but it was perfect. Lost of nice long rides!

Shortly after I snapped this pic ... I was flagged down by a tourist in the parking lot. I love bumping into people on vacation - they are always so open, relaxed and friendly. Turns out she was a little over enthusiastic in her evening walk. She came down the bluff stairs a few miles back and got caught up in the beauty of the evening walking, walking, walking along the beach - only now, at 7:30 pm, realizing she needed a plan to get back before dark. There was a rather daunting looking hill and long walk ahead of her. I gave her a lift back up to her hotel and we had fun chatting on the drive.

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