Sunday, November 9, 2008

Winding Up The Coast

After church I was in a mellow groove and decided I would take the scenic route up to Santa Barbara. I was already on Sunset - so I left 'the strip' behind and wound may way through Beverly Hills and to the coast.

The drive through Malibu was spectacular as always. I stopped of for a few minutes at Malibu Country Mart. It is an eclectic mix of shops. I chuckled as I looked around - it seemed EVERYONE was wearing Ugg boots and winter vests. It was a chilly California day - the temperatures had dared drop below 70 deg F. At the play ground the parents were lined up on the benches in their winter woolies with steaming Starbucks and shivering like mad. At times like these the CDN in me likes to roll her eyes. However, I must confess I was getting a little chilly myself and picked up a Chai Tea Latte to go with my cookies. The truth is, it isn't only the scenery that draws me to Malibu. There is another draw ... Malibu Kitchen and Gourmet Country Market. They sell these amazing peanut butter cookies that I just love!!!

I sat on the hood of my car for a few minutes and enjoyed my cookies and chai and the looked down out at the ocean. Soon the 68 deg weather had me chilled to the bone and it was time to continue my trek up the coast :-)

View as I sat on the hood of my car and enjoyed a chai tea and peanut butter cookie

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