Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Full Moon

I arrived home a bit earlier than normal today. This afternoon I had a couple of hours of dental work - and was glad to be home early to rest. On my way up the stairs I noticed the sky was lit up by a gorgeous full moon. The moon was surrounded by a rainbow halo effect.

I couldn't really capture the full effect on film - but here is my best attempt!


Laurie said...

Beautiful pic - even if it doesn't capture the glory of what you actually saw...

Did it look something like this? (Which just *happens* to have been taken in ONTARIO!!)

Anonymous said...

Hello fellow moon gazer!

I live in Seattle, WA. I work late nights and got home at around 2am. I was sitting out on my back porch getting some fresh air after a long night of stress and I saw the full moon with the rainbow halo around it! I am 51 years old and have never seen anything like it before. I took some photos too but yours seems to be better than mine.
How does this phenomenom occur? Anyone know?


Tippie said...

Pretty spectacular -eh? I read that it may have to do with light refracting off the clouds - but I thought it was a clear night.

It was really hard to capture the splendor of it with the camera. I have NEVER seen anything like it!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tippie;

I think it is called a "Lunar Corona". I "Googled" it and it came up on that "Atmospheric Optics" website that was referenced above.
I like your Blog name. We used to have "Tippie Canoe" at my summer "Camp Sealth" for Camp Fire Girls when I was in grade school. Those were some of the best weeks of my life! What does the name mean to you??


Tippie said...

Tippie Canoe just seemed like the right vehicle for the trip down the river of life. My father had a red cedar strip canoe that we always took with us on summer vacations. To this day when I think of summer vacation the image of paddling a canoe on a placid lake comes to mind!