Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shopping and Heading Home

My little get away has passed much too quickly. It is almost time to head back home to San Diego. I am going to squeeze in one last stop before I hit the road. The heart of downtown Santa Barbara is State Street. I am not a big shopper - but I love to wander and browse my way through the wonderful and eclectic mix of shops that line State Street. I also enjoy playing a game of hide and seek, browsing down the various alley's looking for the many displays of public art and fun statues.

Ben Franklin Enjoying A Rest on A Bench

I had such a good time window shopping - and yes, some actually Christmas shopping as well... that I completely lost track of time. By the time I left Santa Barbara I had timed my return trip to hit the northern tip of Los Angeles at the start of rush hour. Fortunately, when you are in a mellow vacation mood and not really in a hurry - the traffic doesn't seem *quite* as bad.

Passing Through Los Angeles During Rush Hour

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