Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Protest At My Neighbour's House

This evening, my normal quiet neighbourhood was alive with activity. As I turned down the street I live on - I found the place crawling with police cars, media trucks and everything lit up bright bright bright bright for the T.V. crews. Normally, not much happens in my area. During the run up to the election I didn't see even one political lawn sign. My next door neighbours (the Mormons) have a big fancy home with a huge front lawn. There are often caravans of cars with foreign license plates. They stop, park, and a family of a bazillion kids get out - they stretch and then start taking family pictures on the front lawn. That is about as exciting as it gets around here. So what's all the ruckus about tonight? ! ...... Then, the light bulb went off. Since the passage of Prop 8 last week the Los Angeles Mormon Temple became a focal point of protest. When I left town a few days ago there was no activity at the San Diego Temple - I guess that has changed.

I decided to skip unloading the car and grabbed my camera and headed over to my neighbours house. Their front lawn was no longer full gleeful families posing for pictures - instead it was full of camera crews and newscasters. When I arrived they were in the midst a live news feed for the evening news. I dodged traffic to stand in the road and snap the picture below. Once the news interviews were over - I went over and chatted a while with the protesters.

Live News Feed of Prop 8 Protest at San Diego Mormon Temple

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