Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Queen of The Missions

I have visited the front lawn of the Santa Barbara Mission several times, but have never actually gone in! It seems I am always stopping there "on the way" to someplace else. Today, I planned my day so that I could linger and enjoy the mission.

Santa Barbara Mission

One of things I enjoy about the missions is their beautiful courtyards. I love to sit on a bench and enjoy the tranquility of the fountain and surrounding garden.

Courtyard gardens and fountain

I stumbled across this plaque in the corner of the garden.

He even said
that the brother
gardener ought to
reserve a place
in a corner for a
beautiful small
garden where he put
all kinds of aromatic
herbs and flowering plants
so that they in their season might
invite all men
who looked at them to praise God...
For every creature says and proclaims
"God has created me for you, O man"
- St Francis of Assisi

Words of St. Francis In The Garden

An Altar In The Main Chapel

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