Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shooting It Out At The Fair

Today I learned a whole new appreciation for "The Fair".

Turns out that it isn't all about deep fried twinkies and chocolate coated bacon.

There are lots of cool seminars, displays and competitions. For photographers (and wannabes) there is a fun competition called a "shoot out". I was a little nervous and apprehensive - but nevertheless, with a little encouragement from a fellow photo student ... I tentatively set out for the fair.

When I arrived at the Shoot Out the meeting room, I found it already full of folks carring scary and intimidating cameras, lenses, monopods! D- D- and I looked at each other with that panicked look of "Uh, Oh we are waaay out of our league". Still we were up for the challenge and excited to see what the day would bring our way. After checking in we received 'official' ribbons and name tags that said we were fair photographers. We beamed with pride as if we had just been issues our first press pass!

Tired But Happy "Shooters"

There was a fun and friendly vibe as the rules were explained. Turns out they are pretty straight forward:

  • Everyone is shooting the same assignment
  • The theme or object is kept secret until the last minute
  • The timeline is one hour, no exceptions
  • You can submit one and only one picture
  • Pictures are as shot, in camera, no modification
  • A slideshow is put together of the submissions and each participant has an equal vote

Our assignment was ... "Shot in a barn".

Egad. We were off to find a barn... there were a few moments of disorientation and until we realized that our noses would show us the way! Once we found a barn ... we were off and shooting. We both are Zen photographers and like to set out on our own and immerse ourselves in the experience - so we headed in different directions. With so many folks in the competition it was hard to find a location that wasn't already overrun with photogs. I had fun talking to folks and trying to shoot a captivating candid. I fell short of the mark but more importantly I enjoyed the experience and met some fun folks along the way.

A "healthy" snack by fair standards

The most fascinating part of the whole experience was the final slideshow and voting. None of the photos that I voted for came in the top three. A picture of a rake took top prize. Go figure!

Perplexed by the outcome -- D-D- and I decided to decompress and debrief over some apple crisp.

In the end we decided the key is to size up your fellow shooters and shoot for the audience first and then for your personal muse. We will now be updating our artist statements to include ...."On occasion will sell my soul for a good prize".

My "shot in a barn" submission


Lisa said...

I love it! I might give that a try next year. Your photo was great. Way better than a rake. BORING.

Anonymous said...

She is so sweet looking. You are a real pro.