Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Cakes

Pens in a bowl of Sprinkles.
Seen beside the cash register at Happy Cakes

No trip is complete without tracking down a new source for cupcakes. The first day I used my cupcake locater (i.e. iPhone) to get a short list of candidates. Day two I managed to work a trip to Happy Cakes into our itinerary.

We came away with
  • 5 chocolate on chocolate
  • 1 butter cream on chocolate
  • 2 vanilla on vanilla
  • 1 dog cupcake

An hour later ... here is what is left!

Five down, Four to Go!

Standard Cupcake Sighting Shot.
A Happy Tippie Discovers a New Cupcake Place


MaddieMoof said...

I'd like a copy (big version) of this pic!

Tippie said...

Which picture? Sprinkles, box of cupcakes or me in front of the store...

Let me know how you like the Sprinkles cupcakes once you make them.