Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hail Storm!!

This morning I was all set to ride my bike to work. For some reason at the last moment I checked the weather forecast.

Red Alert Will Robinson

Weather man had posted a severe weather watch ... something about a thunderstorm.

Surely, he was wrong.
Thunderstorm, in Southern California, in summer.
Not happening.
I decided to err on the side of caution and I aborted my plans to ride.

Mid afternoon the rain started - but within minutes it changed to hail. Not wimpy little ice chip hail. This was full blown *HUGE* ice balls. As the pellets hit the roof of the Winebego parked on the street -- they were bouncing 4 -6 feet in the air.


I immediately grabbed my camera and sprinted through the entire office and out the front door.

Here is a gang of us out on the front stoop ooohing and aaahing at it all.

Watching the hail fall in the parking lot at work

HUGE hail stones

Palm Trees and Hail.
An unlikely combination

Did I mention that hail is cold?!?


Anonymous said...

The expression on this guys face is priceless. What a tramatic experience ;)
I bet he is thinking: "Damn it, Elizabeth stop laughing and take the piscture already. This stuff is cold".

Hmm, wonder if he has seen snow???

Thanks for sharing.

Kate B

Tippie said...

It was hysterical being in the midst of it all and the looks of shock, awe, fear and excitement.

When you are deprived (poor us sunshine and blue skies all the time) - you get over the top excited when weather comes and pays you a visit!

彭于晏Eddie said...
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