Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chocolate Covered Bacon

I was off to the fair again this evening. I went to a fascinating forum hosted by the judges of the photo contest. I learned a number of interesting things.
  • the Fair Photo Contest is the biggest in California
  • they received close to 4,000 submissions
  • only about 1/3 of the photos even get 'hung' for display
  • the caliber of submissions is super high

It was enlightening hearing from the judges themselves all about the process and how they judge the submissions. Knowing how insane the competition is... I want to give a special shout out to D-D- who has several pictures in the exhibit and won a couple of honourable mentions.

I hope to make to make it back to the fair and spend an evening just enjoying the photo display. It really is a compelling collection of work.

After the seminar we went for a stroll through the funky food area. I played it safe and just had some apple fries... but my compatriots were much Much MUCH more adventurous. They were on a serious mission for ....

I could barely watch ... but they assure me that it really isn't as toxic as it sounds!

D-D- and E- enjoying their chocolate covered bacon

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