Monday, June 8, 2009

Grunion Momma

After five failed attempts to "see" the elusive grunion -- I decided it was time to enlist the help of the professionals. I signed Jac Jac and I up for an evening seminar to learn some recognizance techniques and EVERYTHING you wanted (and some you didn't) want to know about our fishy friends.

Jac Jac in the Scripps Auditorium Learning All About The Secret Life of Grunion

What I didn't realize was I was going to have an opportunity to become a grunion parent. During the last grunion run - the Scripps researches had scooped up some beach sand with grunion eggs. With tonight's run the eggs were ready to hatch and I was going to make that happen! I rec'd a cup of sand and some sea water. I swirled the water in the cup to imitate the tide coming in. After a few minutes my grunion eggs started to hatch. Pop, pop, pop ... little grunion popping out of their eggs and swimming around in my cup. Surprisingly cool!

Tippie, the proud grunion momma

About 11 pm we headed out to the beach to wait for the grunion to arrive. There was easily 100 people roaming the beach hoping the cagey fish would make an appearance. From our seminar we learned that two 'scout' fish come up on shore to check things out. If all looks good they give the all clear and school of fish come ashore. Tonight, I saw my first grunion EVER and was beside myself in excitement. A scout came up on the beach, flopped around and then left again. I think he wisely decided with the hundred folks standing around waiting --- that perhaps this wasn't the best place for a fish breeding party!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds fishy to me. ;) That's a knee slapper. LOL

Sorry I just had to.

I am glad you're a mom to a fish. Whooo hooo.

Actually, I have never seen a fish hatch. That must have been really cool.