Monday, June 1, 2009

DSLR Remote

I saw this on Geek Brief ... and it is just too cool not to share!

This is an app for your iPhone that acts as a remote control for your DSLR. Right now it is just for Canon shooters ... but a Nikon version is in the works.

In a nutshell, this app turns your iPhone into a remote control for your camera. The DSLR Remote app running on your iPhone (or iPod Touch) communicates to the DSLR Remote Server software via a WIFI connection. From your iPhone you can control settings such as shutter speed, aperture and white balance. You can of course fire the camera shutter as well. If you have a Canon EOS DSLR camera that supports Live View you can even get a live stream of the camera’s viewfinder on your iPhone. With an Intervalometer so you can also do time lapse photography.

You have to see it in action for the full WoW factor!

Cali Lewis gives a cool demo of here
Product release blog post from the creators here

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