Sunday, August 24, 2008

Community Drum Circle

Today I participated in a community drum circle. It sounds a little hippie dippie - but it is actually alot of fun!

The event took place at funky place called Trolley Barn Park in University Heights. The event was free and all you had needed to bring was your groove and a chair!

Here is what the flyer I rec'd said:

This is a musical experience like none other! Breaking the barriers of language, ethnicity, race, and gender, group drumming provides a safe and fun environment for creative expression... no musical talent or experience necessary! Making music in a group setting is powerful, synergistic, energizing and most importantly- FUN!

In American society, we go to concerts, politely sit down and listen, or perhaps we go dance at pop concerts. But the musicians are separate from the non-musicians. What happened to the communal music-making? WE'RE HERE TO BRING IT BACK! ...and it is exhilarating! Join us and express your own unbound sound!

It really was a community experience. There was an ecclectic mix of kids, parents, professionals, grandparents and misc folks who wandered over and joined in the fun!

The circle was led by music therapists from Sound Health Music. These facilitators have an amazing amazing ability to make everyone feel welcome, help us to find our individual sound and groove together as a group! Even I started to find a sense of rhythm!

Sample Drum Circle


Kat Fulton said...

Hi Tippie Canoe! Thanks for posting about the community drum circle, and most importantly, thanks for coming and sharing your rhythmic spirit!! Happy drumbeats! Kat Fulton

Tippie said...

How fun that you found the Drum Circle blog posting. There is another one at

Thanks so much for hosting the Community Drum Circles. They are a blissful afternoon retreat!