Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Quick Dip!

Tonight a gang from the office headed over to Torrey Pines Beach to boogie board after work. One of our Chicago colleagues is in town. There is no better way to extend a California welcome than a quick lesson in riding the waves. We had a blast crashing around in the surf together. It enjoyed watching our pasty friend tentatively dip his toes in the water and shiver. The 'locals' plunged in with glee, thrilled to bits with the beautiful warm water (low 70's!!!).

Tonight is school night for me - so I could only play for a half an hour or so. But that half hour wiped away all the stress and craziness of the work week! I scrambled to class wearing my flip flops, hair dripping wet and a huge smile on my face!

On a sadder note when we arrived at the park this evening there was a line up of media trucks and news crews milling about. TV crews are ominous. They rarely show up to do a feature about a beautiful day at the beach. We learned that just a few hours before we arrived, a man vacationing with his family was killed by a bluff collapse (local news story here).

I have always been in awe of the distinctive beauty of the sand bluffs along the San Diego coastline.

Beach Near Bluff Collapse Is Deserted

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