Saturday, August 23, 2008

Work Day

This morning I dragged myself out of bed earlier than usual. I was still waking up when I rode my bike over to the church ready to join in on the "work day". Of all the things we do as a community - I enjoy the work days the most. There is something wonderful about working together to iteratively make improvements to our campus.

I started the morning on the window cleaning crew. I was just finishing up windows in one of the trancepts when I heard someone behind me removing screens. New folks had arrived ... with some serious equipment in tow. Buckets, ammonia, squeegees, rags... you name it, they had it. These folks were SERIOUS about window cleaning. I had to concede that I was waaaay out of my league here. Perhaps fence painting might be more my speed.

The Serious Window Cleaning Crew

The fence painters were under staffed and happy to add me to their crew. I soon learned that painting a chain link fence presents some interesting challenges. Using a roller turned about to be the preferred approach. You can get about 80% coverage with the roller and then switch to a paint brush for finishing touches. Over the course of the day I think I managed to get about 80% coverage on my clothes and body as well. At the end of the day my legs look like an ink pen exploded on them!

We broke at noon for lunch and had build you own tacos with amazing home made pollo and carne asada. Mmmm, good. It really hit the spot.

Tippie on Fence Painting Duty

It is absolutely amazing, new sod and coat of paint on the fence transformed the place. What use to be an eye-sore is now an inviting playground!

New Sod and Freshly Painted Fence


Anonymous said...

This blog is so cool Elizabeth! What a fun (hot) day. Thanks for all your hard (hot) work. Sorry about the black spots...

Tippie said...

The paint has almost all worn off now.

No more spots!