Sunday, August 17, 2008

Midnight Madness

Last night was the annual Midnight Madness bike ride. Last year was my first time out - and I was a bit timid with all the craziness. This year I am a veteran and loved every minute of it.

I convinced my friend Pete to come along for the ride. Fortunately, he is use to, and patient, with my stop and take pictures, joy in the journey approach to bike riding.

P- and Tippie at the Starting Line

One of the things that I love about this ride is the eclectic mix of participants. There are folks with expensive racing/Tri bikes in fancy outfits, folks on beach cruisers in their PJs, lots of bikes with boom boxes blasting hip hop tunes, crazy costumes and families on tandem bikes.

Lady in Pink TuTu

Wacky Mix of Folks at the Starting Line

While waiting at the starting line we met a very excited and talkative young boy wearing Dinosaur PJs. His father and sister were riding a tandem bike and he was riding an extension out back. The little guy was over the moon with excitement about a post ride trip to Denny's. Chocolate cake ...3 am..... Denny's - life doesn't get much better than that!

Pete and I were a little too thorough staying hydrated - so about the five miles mark the ride turned into a scavenger hunt - first one to find a restroom wins! Pete was Mr. Eagle Eye at spotting port-a-potties, but, much to our dismay, we discovered they were all padlocked.

Washrooms located - Our moment of triumph

We could not have had a nicer night for the ride. The weather was beautiful and we had a clear skies. The city lights breathtaking.

Taking in the City Lights

Inspired by our little friend in the dinosaur PJs. We decided to head to Denny's for breakfast. 3 am and the place was packed and full of energy! No chocolate cake - just breakfast for us old folks. Part way through my French Toast slam my little friend arrived with his family. He waved to me on his way to order his cake!

Denny's Downtown San Diego - 3 am Sunday Morning


Bryan_Family said...

Sorry I wasn't ableto make it this year. it's about the most fun you could possibly have at midnight on a bike. :)


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