Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hidden Gem

Today I found an awesome hidden gem - The Scripps Coastal Reserve (aka The Knoll)! It is tucked away in a neighbourhood not too far from here. A short walk from this non-de-script entrance are some spectacular ocean vistas.

Entrance To The Reserve

The entrance is hidden in a residential area with very very little street parking. You can bike in, but once you reach the reserve it is foot traffic only.

Bike Rack At The Entrance To The Reserve

The surrounding neighbourhood is full of posh homes. The home pictured here (in the distance) has south facing jaw dropping views of LaJolla.

When I set out, I had not considered that the reserve is actually quite close to the glider port. But, my memory was prodded and I was super excited when I spotted the first paraglider in the distance.

North facing view. Scripps Coastal Reserve.

When the gliders saw my camera and my obvious enthusiasm they put on a great show. There were lots of low passes right in front of me with smiles and waves!

These guys made several passes. One right over my head!

Paraglider Heading South towards LaJolla

Cool reflections of the sun on the ocean. Evening Sky

I think I have found my new happy place!

Shout out to Jonathon at Colony Vet for giving me the scoop on the reserve!

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