Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bubbles Goes To The Fair

Sunday, right after returning from my visit with Little Miss O ... I headed to the fair to participate in a "shoot out". I am pretty sure all of Southern California was a the fair ... because it was insanely crowded. The entrance looked like the line up for a Disney Ride.

I rewarded myself with some fresh lemonade, once I finally made it through the gate. While waiting for the event to start, I looked over the winning shots from the previous shoot outs. I noticed that many of them involved the duck pond game over in the arcade. Note to self, no matter what today's theme is ... try and incorporate the duck pond! We were quickly checked in and received our participant ribbons. Today, rather than a theme, the shoot revolved around a 'prop' - a bottle of bubbles. So with an hour on the clock we were off to shoot a pictures featuring our bottle of bubbles!

I went straight for the duck pond :-) Unfortunately, it wasn't as easy as I had hoped. The carny in charge of the big pond was rather grumpy and wouldn't allow me to put my bottle of bubbles in the pond. I found a smaller pond and fortunately they were much more eager to participate in my artistic growth!

Always a crowd pleaser, a trip to the duck pond

Alas, my bottle of bubbles did not have a wand. That threw a curve in my photo plans. I started asking random (!) strangers to pose with the bottle of bubbles hoping they might to something random, fun and photgenic. I like the irony of this one.

One of the pictures I 'won' at the fair

Ooops, I was a little distracted when I realized there were cupcakes at the fair!

Bubbles visits the cupcake display

Fortunately, I wasn't the only one distracted by cupcakes. I met up with D-D- and E- and they loaned me the wand from their bubble bottle. Once armed with a wand, I was able to shoot this fun picture of one of the fair workers taking a bubble break!

My Bubbles At The Fair Entry

It was fun running around with my bottle of bubbles, but after a few short hours immersed in the fair craziness - I was ready to back home to my 'quiet' place.

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