Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ice-Cream Cupcakes. A match made in heaven

Get Thee To Coldstone

That is the message that came blasting across the screen of my iPhone as I sat in the car deciding where to go next.

The message was from my friend D- D- (Holla!)

D-D- had just heard an important *NEWSFLASH* on the radio.
Coldstone Creamery is debuting ice-cream cupcakes today!! Thankfully, I had my cupcake locator on me (aka iPhone). I did a quick google search for the nearest location and I was off.

LaJolla Coldstone Creamery

Success. Here is my prize.

They are pure chocolate shells with cake, ice-cream and whipcream. I think I will ride my sugar high right on over to the bushes and try one more time to find that elusive geocache.

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