Monday, July 27, 2009

Traipsing through the flowerbeds

After eating 5, that right, count them, 5 peanut butter chocolate cookies at work today - I decided I really needed to go for an evening run and burn some calories. I did my normal route around the colony (a.k.a. my neighbourhood) . On the final leg of my jog a light bulb went off.

Today is Monday.

Monday = Mormon Temple is closed = no mini-vans from Utah = no swarms of Missionaries

This was my window of opportunity to geo-cache and you better believe I seized it!

So.... out came the iPhone and I consulted the GPS and found I was within .1 miles of

Reaching to Heaven
by sunshinegirl

I was off.

View from the top.
I searched all the ground cover on my way up

In no time I was rummaging through all the flower beds along temple gate. Ah, the rush of freedom to do so without a family of 10 in suits and party dresses staring at me oddly.

20 minutes later I was scratched and starting to break out in a rash from the prickles and thinking about waving the white flag of defeat. Then I realized that there was ground cover going up the embankment that I had not yet searched through!

Alas, even after searching all the flower beds, bushes and ground cover -I came up empty. Geocache FAIL.

Sigh. Deflated but not defeated. Next Monday I will be back searching the bushes again!

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