Saturday, September 6, 2008

Swimming With The Sharks

Today is my friend Jac's birthday. In honour of the day we decided to head over to LaJolla Shores and swim with the Leopard Sharks.

We were barely in the water before Jac saw her first shark. It was fun watching her shock and excitement when she realized that they were not small little fishies but full on 4-6 foot scary looking sharks.

Despite LOVING the ocean I suffer from terrible motion sickness. On a waaavvvvy day like today I can only last about 5 minutes with a face mask on. I had a good time floating up above and gabbing with the other folks looking for sharks.

When we were drying off on the beach - two dudes came up to us and asked us if we had seen sharks. They were TOTALLY freaked by just how big and scary looking they were!! We were feeling pretty cool for taking it all in stride.

Swimming with the Sharks - The Movie

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