Friday, September 5, 2008

Autism - The Musical

In 1980 1 in 10,000 children were diagnosed with autism.

Today it is 1 in 150.

An alarming statistic.

When traditional therapies did not help her son, Elaine Hall sought out creative people (actors, writers and musicians) to work with her son. Discovering the transformative power of these creative methods - she was inspired to found The Miracle Project. Through The Miracle Project, Elaine defies all expectations and leads a group of autistic children through writing, rehearsing and performing their own musical.

"Autism: The Musical" follows the lives of five children in LA over the course of the 6 months leading up to their performance of an original music production. The film is about the human story, the struggles and triumphs behind the statistics.

There are some touching and some side splitting funny moments - but this isn't a feel good movie. What makes the story compelling is that the raw coverage of personal stories of the kids and their parents. Divorce, depression, frustration, an educational system that fails them - and the general unfairness of it all -it is all here.

One of my favourite quotes in the is from Adam's Mom:

"One thing I learned growing up with the Civil Rights movement, is that it's not just enough for you to be doing better. Your whole tribe has to do better, or else you really can't do that much better."

Trailer - Autism: The Musical

The Miracle Project

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