Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bike The Bay

Tippie and Pete - ready to go!

Today was the first annual Bike The Bay. The big draw of this ride is the opportunity to ride across the Coronado Bay span bridge. There are no bike lanes and bikes are not allowed on it. Today they are closed down two lanes of traffic at 7:00 am so that we can ride across!!

The neat thing about this ride is seeing parts of towns I don't normally visit - or only see as a blur as I drive by in the car.

Riding by Chicano Park en-route to the Bridge

Riding over the bridge was a real rush. The view was just amazing. We weren't allowed to stop at all. It was tough to take pictures - so I gave up and just enjoyed the view!

Heading Over The Bridge

Once over the bridge we wound our way through Coronado - past the golf course and The Hotel Del. We left via the strand and enjoyed watching some really cool birds in the wild life sanctuary. Once back on the city side we wound through Chula Vista and National City and at one point came around a bend and I would have sworn I was looking out on Burlington Bay in winter. I immediately did a double take - how did all this snow end up in San Diego?!? Turns out we were riding by a desalination plant and it was salt floating on the water!

Salt floating on the Water

About this stage of the ride (mile 20) I was starting to get tired. I was riding my steel framed bike (a.k.a. as the tank) and my friend 'cheater' Pete was riding a light weight racing bike. My revenge came in the final two miles as we hit a sea of pot holes and raised rail way tracks!!

I am going to sleep well tonight!

Bike The Bay - The Movie

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