Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Denny's Grand Slam - Vegan Style

After my late night hot dog extravaganza - I decided that something a little tamer and healthier was in order for race day.

Real Food Daily a vegan restaurant in West Hollywood seemed like a good choice for a solid, healthy meal. They are known for their melted cashew 'better than' cheese that they serve over nachos ... intriguing.

I ordered 'The Weekender', which could best be described as the vegan version of Denny's Grand Slam.

The Weekender
Scrambled tofu with onions, tomatoes and melted cashew cheese, two pancakes or French toast, tempeh bacon & hash browns or fruit.

Overall, it was quite tasty and I didn't miss the absent eggs and dairy . Alas, I am not a big fan of the melted cashew cheese on the tofu scramble. The lady beside me ordered the nachos and she raved about them and the cashew cheese they were slathered in. It just didn't seem to dance very well with the tofu scramble. When I make tofu scramble, I put it in a flour tortilla and top it with peach mango salsa. Now that is how you make it sing! The weirdest thing on my plate was the tempeh bacon. Tempeh is really a seed biscuit. It is made from soy, but reminds me alot of the sesame seed snaps we would snack on as kids.

Having had a big healthy lunch - I was off to Sprinkles to purchase cupcakes. These would be my big post race birthday treat!

Waiting in Line for my Birthday Cupcakes!
Sprinkles, Beverly Hills

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