Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sometimes less is more...

Sunday morning I visited a small church in West Hollywood. As I turned off Sunset to pull into the parking lot I saw a couple of families walking down the street, heading to the chapel. I have always loved the idea of a small community based church. This congregation was clearly a reflection of the local neighbourhood. The moment I walked on the small campus a friendly lady in Birkenstocks, tie dyed shirt and rainbow necklace came up to greet me. A welcoming and genuine warm and friendly greeting - not the proper and forced "I guess I should say hello to the visitor" type greeting.

There were only about 40 people in attendance this holiday weekend - but it was clearly visible that these folks were a community bound together and supporting each other on the journey. The service was very simple - no pomp, no slick and polished show. A simple Old and New Testament scripture reading, a few hymns, passing of the peace, a time for sharing and a homily. The service started with a time of sharing of praise and thanksgiving and ended with a time of prayers to lift concerns to God.

In church we like to 'talk' alot about being an intentional community. This Sunday I saw first hand what this really looks like

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Laurie said...

Thanks, Tippie! What a wonderful story! You've got me in tears... I'm going to share this post with Dan - it will make him VERY happy!
I'm glad I persisted in my "scavenger hunt" until I found this gem!