Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sunday's Adventure

After having such a good time last weekend- Jac and I decided to do an encore road trip this weekend. We figured that this may be our last opportunity this season to go play in the snow.

On the way up, we invented a new game to help pass the time. The name of our game ... Search For Sizzler ! I am proud to announce that I was the grand prize winner - having identified two brand new Sizzler restaurants! I offer you photographic evidence of my prowess...

Sizzler Sighting

This week we branched out and tried something new - the freestyle terrain park! The idea is you zip down the mountain and then use the hills on the terrain park to launch yourself. As you go flying through the air you congratulate yourself on being so cool. For me the challenge was to do controlled 'turns' around and skillfully avoid the terrain and getting launched. The first run I stalled and had to jump up and down and skooch from side to side to get going again. Jac on the other hand caught air, not once, but twice!!!

We were blessed with clear skies and the view from the top of the run was amazing. Here you are up in the cool mountain air surrounded by snow and pine trees - and then off in the distance is a gorgeous view of the desert.

View of Desert from the top of Ski Run at Mountain High

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