Saturday, March 1, 2008

Finally We Made It!

After two previous attempts being scuttled by weather - today we finally enjoyed a little road trip and day in the mountains snowboarding!

I was the pilot for today's trip

and Jac served as trusty co-pilot, official photographer and DJ! J- did a great job snapping photos to document our day. Including capturing the finer details such as this picture of our map with hand written directions!

This particular road trip is crazy! Two hours into the trip, you know you are almost there, but you are driving through the beautiful high dessert with these amazing cactus trees all around you. Sitting in your car, vent open in a short sleeved t-shirt - you can't help but start to question your sanity. Here I am in the midst of the desert - what in the world makes me think in 20 minutes from now I will be hurtling down a snow covered mountain on my snowboard?!?

Then, just when you least expect it, in the distance, beyond the cactus - a snow capped mountain appears.

Today, I finally decided that I am confident enough in my 'pro-bunny' status to seek out new and greater challenges. Ah, life beyond the bunny hill! J- and I took the lift way way way up to the top. Despite a few dramatic wipe-outs and one spectacular face plant - I had a blast. J- artfully navigated the hill on her skis and chuckled at the snowboarders sitting on the hill all around her.

Little sister Heather is the one who introduced me to snowboarding. She always helps me as a struggle on and off with my boots - I was missing her today! Hopefully, next year we will be hurtling down a mountain together in Colorado!

We were pretty pleased with ourselves by the end of the day. Tired - but stoked with all the fresh air and exercise and ready for a hearty dinner. On the way up J- had noticed a Sizzler. It was a childhood favourite of hers. Growing up in Canada, I have these weird cultural gaps that I am always anxious to fill in. So we set our sites on Sizzler for dinner. Fortunately for us, the I-15 corridor is Sizzler country!

On our return trip, we made a comic attempt at putting my iPod on shuffle. After a good laugh at my ecclectic mix of music - we put on some road trip tunes, found our groove, and bopped the rest of the way home.

Click here for the photo gallery of our snowboarding trip!

A "shout out" and special thanks to Minh for providing us with a steal of a deal on lift tickets.

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