Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I started off Easter this morning at the early church service. It wasn't technically a sunrise service - but it was early for me. After church I took a quick nap before heading out to spend the day with friends.

I was greeted at the door by 5 year old Z-. He was over the top with excitement about wearing a tie earlier that morning. The excitement over the tie and the anticipation of the egg hunt was contagious. We pulled out the life size pick up sticks and played a few games followed by a round of scrabble. A- and I were busy coming up with abstract and complex words such as 'toe', 'we', and 'cat'. Meanwhile Z- tried to convinced us that the object of the game is to make robots on the board with the tiles. The result was an interesting hybrid of simple three letter words with the tiles creating an 'oddly' shaped robot.

Easter dinner was an wonderful surprise! Two of my favourite foods in one meal -- grilled salmon and asparagus. I love asparagus and had forgotten that I was in the company of fellow asparagus lovers! The experimental part of the meal was the potatoes. They were made with olive oil, thyme, lemon zest and kosher salt - an amazing combination.

Pick Up Sticks!

Easter wouldn't be Easter without an egg hunt. While friends in Canada were searching in the snow for their eggs we were enjoying 89 deg weather! Once the eggs were found and the treats unloaded - the eggs became sailing ships in the pool. The egg/ships spent the afternoon sailing from China across the pool to Encinitas for a birthday party - and then floated on to France. The wonder of a child's imagination!

Searching for Eggs

Basket of Eggs

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