Friday, March 28, 2008

Field Trip

Today was 'one of those days'...

It started when I forgot to set my alarm last night and I didn't wake up until my cat jumped on me at 8:30 am. Eeek, I had planned to be at work by 8:30 this morning. I ran through the shower, threw on some clothes, packed breakfast and lunch and was out the door in 15 minutes. I didn't know I could move that fast in the morning!

Through out the morning, a series of unfortunate events was increasing my frustration level. As 2pm was approaching R- came over to ask if I was ever going to break for lunch. Ouch! I hadn't even started the breakfast I had packed for myself.

Definitely time to dial down the intensity of the day - so I decided what I really needed was to take a little field trip and get out of the office. A roadtrip to Encinitas for cupcakes seemed the perfect solution. R- was on board - so off we went!

Ever since my trip to Sprinkles, I have been on a quest for the ultimate cupcake. Recently I found some rave reviews for a small bakery tucked away in a nursery in Encinitas. So there we have it, Elizabethan Desserts, the perfect destination for today's field trip.

a sign pointing the way to a hidden gem

Our Treasure
Diggity Dang (my fave), Black and White, Banana Cream and Berry Buckle

Happy Field Trippers!

After our little field trip, the afternoon went much smoother. Despite the sugar high I was able to finish off my goals for the week with some time left over to help a colleague with a problem they were spinning on. By 6 pm we had it solved and I left happy and ready for my weekend adventure in Joshua Tree!

Mmmm good!

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Mmmmm, cupcakes.