Saturday, February 16, 2008

Seals On The Beach

I had so much fun last week with 'girls day out' that I decided to make LaJolla my bike ride destination today.

It was another gorgeous southern california day. The calendar says February but the weather says June!

LaJolla was very crowded and my bike ride ended up being quite the fun obstacle course. I shot some video, but don't have time to get it edited and posted tonight.

I stopped for a while at the children's pool to enjoy the seals. There was quite a few of them up on the beach sunning themselves. The crowds were three people deep watching and observing. I found a spot and spent about half an hour watching a mother and its' baby trying to make it up on the beach. Every time the baby the baby tried to come ashore - a wave would come in and sweep it back out. The mother would swim back out and coax it ashore, again only to have it swept out again. The baby was teeny tiny. I hope it eventually made it to shore and enjoyed some time sunning on the beach.

Seals sunning themselves on the beach.
Red circle is baby and mom in the water

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