Friday, August 31, 2007

Wondering Where the Grunion Are...

Well it is 2 am ... I should be logging on to tell wonderful tall tales about fish flopping on the beach. I looked forward to sharing the euphoria of *FINALLY* seeing the grunion. Alas, it wasn't meant to be. Big sigh.

Apparently, the grunion didn't read the webpage that announced they would be spawning on the beach between 11:00 pm and 1:30 am this morning.

On the updside I had a great time tonight celebrating my birthday and green card anniversary at the beach with friends and fellow grunion hunters. It was a beautiful, peaceful and warm (very warm!!) evening. It is so tranquil strolling on the beach in the wee hours of the morning and listening to the waves come in.

The perfect way to greet a new day.

I could have stayed all night, soaking it in, but the the practical side reminds me that it is a school night and I have to work tomorrow (ooops ... today).

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The Grunion Hunters

Alice and Tricia Set Up For The Party

Blowing Out The Candles

Cutting The Cake

Eating Cake at 1:30 am At The Beach

1 comment:

Sue Harrison-Cukrovani said...

Hi Liz,

Great photos!!!

Even though you didn't see any grunion, I can tell that you had a great time with your friends.

And what a wonderful celebration - your birthday and your green card
anniversary - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Your comments re: the warm evening and hearing the waves roll in . . .
ahhhh! wish I was there!!!!

Take care.
Love: Sue :)
Aug. 31/07 (8:45 am)