Sunday, August 26, 2007


Well today is Sunday and it has been filled with a variety of activities.

Church is always an adventure these days - you never know what will have changed since the last week! The front yard was pretty torn up. The garden bed (sans an actual garden) that I have been weeding the last few work days was all dug up. The area where I sit (the back of the bus) now a bare concrete floor. A little regression after we spiffed it up with new paint! Those bold enough to sit up front were enjoying brand new carpet. Also, new this week was a beautiful wood cross. Only a few more weeks until we officially celebrate the new location. I am going to miss the excitement of the ever changing decor.

This afternoon I spent a couple of hours packing food. The event was sponsored by Friends and Family Connection and Kids Against Hunger. We were packing bags with a heaping cup of Soy Protein, one scoop of a powder that contains 21 different vitamins, a scoop of dehydrated chicken and veggies and a cup of rice. 46,000 bags of food were packed this afernoon. 1/3 of them will go to needy families here in San Diego - the rest are going to be sent to Tanzania, Africa to help feed the hungry there.

The packaging was done in a parking lot in a plaza out in Poway. This morning the weather was reasonably nice on the coast today but it was stinkin' hot out there in Poway!! By the end of the afternoon I was melting -- the antidote was a trip to the beach on the way home and a jump in the ocean to cool off.

I joined this family team for the first half of the afternoon

This 4 year old was my packing buddy for the second half of the afternoon!

25,000 bags in 2 hours. Pretty awesome -eh?!?

Sample food bag

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