Thursday, August 9, 2007


Time spent with good friends is something to cherish.

My dear friends Russ, Lynn and Simon moved to Salt Lake a couple of years ago. I really miss them and look forward to their visits twice a year. This week they are in town! Wednesday night a group of us got together for dinner. We descended on Myra and Andrew's place.

Two of the kids had recent birthdays. Simon is 5 and little Elizabeth just turned 4. WoW, where does the time go. It seems like just yesterday we were all single and getting together on Friday nights as a small group to share our joys, trials and offer each other encouragement for the journey.

I like to take a group photo each time we get together. At Christmas I had problems with my self-timer and drove everyone crazy taking the group shot. This time I was prepared - tripod and everything!

He is the latest picture of the gang.

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