Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Saturday Bike Ride

WoW! It is late Tuesday night -- and I am just getting around to downloading my pictures from Saturday's bike ride.

Friends were in town from Utah last week. It was great to have bike riding buddies for a change! Good-bye thin tired road bike (it likes to toss me the moment it hits beach sand) -- Hello beach bike (well really it is a mountain bike -- but it hasn't seen many mountains).

Our destination - Mission Bay/Beach.

In the morning we did a loop around the Bay and then stopped at a funky little cafe for lunch. They had really good homemade chocolate chip cookies. I inhaled several of them before my breakfast croissant arrived.

After lunch we crossed over and rode up the boardwalk. A first for me and very cool. It was a bit of an obstacle course at times with all the bikes, bladers, boarders and pedestrians. Once we got closer to the pier it opened up and it was an absolutely gorgeous ride. Saturday was such a beautiful day - blue skies, sunny and warm... but not hot. There was a wonderful gentle breeze coming in off the ocean.

I am normally drawn to the North County beaches - Mission Beach and PB are just too crowded and 'happening' for me. I only go to Mission Beach to blade on the boardwalk during the winter when things are quiet. Turns out I have been missing out- it makes a wonderful summer bike ride!

My Bike Riding Buddies

Bay Side Bike Path

Today's Bay Watch Moment

The Pier

Cool Lawn Art

Unusually Warm Water 72 deg F!!!

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