Monday, May 26, 2008

We Did It!

Two and half days working together with our Mexican family and the neighbourhood kids - and look what we were able to accomplish together!! The fruit of our labour is this beautiful two room casa. Check out the smoooooth stucco job. This is our third year building homes over Memorial Day Weekend. This year Steve perfected the art of stucco -- I am sure I could see my face reflected in the glassy smooth finish.

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Our casa is built completely by hand - no power tools ... just hammers, saws, nails and stucco made from sand we sifted ourselves.

It is a blessing to know that our family will keep dry when it rains and warm in the winter. Our small contribution to building hope in the midst of overwhelming poverty.

Here I am home safe and sound and catching up with the Pickster. Next order of business it to get out of my work clothes and enjoy my first shower in three days. I am feeling thankful beyond words for the many blessings of home.

So many stories to tell - but first some rest.


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