Friday, May 30, 2008

Two Canadian Peas In A Pod

This year I had the coolest tent-mate ever!

A- came all the way from Surrey, British Columbia. She had planned with a friend to join an Amor trip in February - but when that fell through, they suggested that she join our trip. Now 5 months pregnant, her friend was unable to come, but A- decided to brave the unknown and join our team! Being the locally available Canadian I was dispatched to pick her up from the airport and make the initial connection. We instantly hit it off!! On the way back from the airport we were stuck in Friday rush hour traffic, holiday weekend, raining .. we barely noticed, the trip flew by.

Don't you love it when you meet someone you connect with right away? How fun to share the same perspective and quirky sense of humour! While I was out and about shooting team pictures, A- managed to shoot video snipits of everything I missed - the very memories I would have been snapping pictures of. How amazing it has been to watch and relive the fun.

At night, back in our tent we were surrounded by chatty Kathy's talking, talking, talking -- we smiled enjoying the peaceful silence in our tent ... and drifted off to sleep.

God is good!

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