Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Day After

This morning I made my usual trek up the coast. I took my time and stopped in at the various beaches from Torrey Pines to Cardiff. It was eerie to see the beaches deserted - especially in the midst of a heat wave.

Cardiff State Beach Looking North
empty as far as the eye can see

Lifeguards patrolling Fletcher's Cove in Solana Beach
Scorching hot day and no one at the beach

Warning posted at the top of the stairs in Cardiff

A few die-hard surfers had paddled out - but otherwise the ocean was quiet. Today, there were no boogie boarders, swimmers or the usual sounds of kids playing in the water.

A few lone surfers in Cardiff

I stopped in Solana Beach at the beach at the main lifeguard area at Fletcher Cove. The parking lot full of satellite dishes and media trucks.

The local networks were squeezed over by the playground trying to eek out an interview with the fire chief while kids squealed on the swings and ran around them with soccer balls. CNN and Fox News had staked out the bluff top and grassy open area.

CNN reporting live

The park was an interesting mix of media circus, kids on the swings and a steady stream of locals who came to pay their respects and shed a tear as they looked out over the water in shock.

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Charles said...

Just surfed in through Technorati. Have you heard anything about that SD surfer whose body was recovered up in Ventura County yesterday? I'm curious if it's another shark attack but so far the coroner hasn't said anything...