Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tying The Knot

C- & M- All Smiles On Their Wedding Day

Today is "wedding day" and I was up and out bright and early and on my way down to Balboa Park. My early departure paid off and I snagged 'rock star' parking, right behind The Prado.

The Wedding felt like 'old home' week with lots of friends and former work colleagues. It was wonderful to see everyone and to share in C & M's happy day. If one things stands out from the day it was the big smiles on the faces of the bride and groom through out the ceremony! Smiles like that are contagious!

The Prado is a beautiful location. The wedding was in the terraced garden by the reflection pool. The reception that followed was both fun and delicious. My favourite was the grilled veggies... and of course the chocolate wedding cake.

A nice surprise was some mighty fine tunes payed during dinner and at the dance. Here is a little video snipit of the first dance. Be sure to watch for the surprise ending.

The next dance was the father of the groom with the bride. Guess what song they danced to ?! Surprise -- MJ's Billy Jean. Hats of to M- for getting down to that in her fancy wedding dress. Before the song wound down Mafia M*nh took a spin on the dance floor and thrilled us with his moonwalk! This group needed no encouragement to get out on the dance floor. In fact, at one point all the guests got out on the floor in a giant conga line.

Thanks C & M for a great party. Wishing you continued love and joy through out the journey!


Anonymous said...

OOOO they are so cute :)


Tippie said...

How can I have a comment already - I was just e-mailing the pictures I haven't even written the post yet!