Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Hollywood Picnic!

All day, I keep wanting to shout out "We Love You Herbie"!

Last night I made my much anticipated first trip to The Hollywood Bowl! I won tickets a few weeks ago -- ever since I have been over the top with excitement. That came crashing down when I came down sick with a viral infection and spent most of the week in bed. In fact I was still in bed when it was time to head out to the concert. Fortunately, my stubborn side kicked in and I decided what was a little fever and aches compared to a concert at the bowl?!

Arriving at 'the bowl'. Jen in line for picnic provisions

Part of the tradition of a night at the bowl is having a picnic on the grounds. With our trip up in the air until the last minute - we opted to put together a picnic once we arrived. There are lots of great options -my favourite was the potatoe salad and a decadent chocolate bar I picked up in the gift shop.

The Happy Picnickers

We had a lovely, patient couple beside us that weren't phased by my excitement and picture taking. They had entered the same contest and won their tickets. We had fun comparing our sense of accomplishment at getting such great seats for free and also talking about other fun things to do in L.A. I left with a few new items on my 'must see and do list'!

Taking a break from our picnic to pose with the stage in the background

I love outdoor venues. There is something extra special about seeing a play or listening to a concert out under the stars. The bowl is extra special because you are literally in a bowl with the hills all around you. There isn't a bad seat in the house and the acoustics are amazing! Closing your eyes, and listening to the music in the cool of the night. What an awesome end to a week in bed!

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