Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wrong Side Of The Tracks

Turns out I am working on the wrong side of the tracks. The other day I heard my colleagues talking smack about the neighbourhood my office is located in. Something to the effect that "Tippie's office is over in the junk yard". It is true that with tough times some of my neighbours have been foreclosed on or just walked away from their homes. I guess I just hadn't taken a good look around and realized the depth of decay.

Now that my eyes have been opened -- it is time to start restoring the neighbourhood to its' former glory.

First things first. We need an image change, an upscale neighbourhood needs and upscale address.

Let it be known ... I no longer reside in the middle of the "junk yard'. I am now a proud resident of the prestigious Aisle #1.

Ever since I returned from my 'six month vacation' - my nameplate has been MIA. True, it has been handy for staying 'under the radar' -but today, after over a year of invisibility, I decided it was time that my existence was acknowledged. In the interest of a green office - I re-cycled one of my neighbours abandoned name plates!

Well my neighbours' front yard is *still* full of abandoned computer monitors - but I think we are well on the road to gentrification!

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