Saturday, December 6, 2008

Company Games

Tonight was our company holiday party. Through out the evening there were prices offered if you could win at various games and trivia quizzes. One of the games was to assemble a box, wrap it, and tie a bow around it. The catch - you have to do it as a team and everyone must have one hand behind their back. Doesn't sound that hard does it?! Believe me it is!

Celebrating Our Success. We didn't win - but we came in a respectable 2nd!

The rest of the evening was dedicated to dancing. Hmmm, a company of engineers. That doesn't usually translate into alot of dancing. Surprisingly, quite a few people got their groove on. The rest of us pulled up chairs and enjoyed the show! Actually, the spectators managed to get up and 'twist and shout' and wave our arms about to Y-M-C-A!

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