Sunday, October 26, 2008

Drumming The Afternoon Away...

This afternoon I swung by The Community Drum Circle at Trolly Barn Park. The drum circle is lead by a music therapist and is a wonderful community event. The experience is all about each person finding their own voice and then bringing the individual voices together in community and harmony. The circle is different each time - a reflection of the mix of people participating. It is fun to see who shows up and who just wanders by and joins in. The kids playing in the park are drawn to the experience. I enjoy watching them drag their parents along and convince them to participate.

Today we had an amazing jam with a xylopone, a native woodwind instrument and a guitar mixed in with the drums. We did this improvisational tune for about 20 minutes and when it ended we all sat and looked at each other and went - "Wow, that was powerful!"

Drumming In The Park


Kat Fulton said...

Hey Tippie Canoe!!! Love it! :) We'll have to have another community dc very soon... Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season! Kat & Kyle

Tippie said...

Thanks so much for hosting the drum circles they are a powerful and freeing exeperience!